Life-changing donations

It is that time of the year again when Jesuit students donate blood in the Jesuit High School’s annual blood drive. Jesuit students came into the Little Theater throughout the day to sacrifice their time and blood.

 Despite the loss of blood in the Little Theater, there was no loss of enthusiasm. Jesuit students have always loved helping others. When given the the opportunity to help those who need blood transfusions to survive, students were eager to do their part.

 “I’m going for a speed record,” said senior Nic Crumley, a veteran blood donor.IMG_5497

 Although most were excited to give blood, some were a bit apprehensive.

Needles are necessary in blood donation so one would assume that anyone with a fear of needles would not be able to give blood. This was not the case for some very brave Marauders who face their fears to contribute to the blood drive.

 “I’m very nervous. This is my first time giving blood and I’m afraid of needles,” said senior Charlie Lawver as he filled out paperwork.

 Regardless of the students’ like or dislike of having blood collected, they still got out there and gave blood. These blood donations will be used in blood transfusions for car accident victims, chemotherapy patients, those suffering from Sickle Cell disease and the list continues.

 “I think the turnout was really good,” said Coach Justin Hall, the activities coordinator.

 Overall the blood drive was a success. Many pints of blood were collected for those who really need them and students had fun doing it.