The finals countdown

Finals seem like a frightening and daunting task when they first come around for any freshman, but if a student knows how to study for his finals, then he doesn’t have to worry.

Finals are meant to assess everything that a student has learned over the semester, and sometimes they are difficult to take, but with the right tips and strategies, finals are no harder than an average test.

Most teacher’s finals cover all of the material that has been learned in class, so finals are usually easier to study for, but wider in scope.

“If you have payed attention in class and kept up with your work over the semester, then you have already learned what’s going to be on the final. It’s all stuff you’ve learned before, you just have to refresh yourself on the topic,” said senior Mitchell Johnson.

The best way to study for finals is to refresh yourself on everything that you have covered in all of your classes. Go back through the book and look over the lessons and look at old tests you have taken over the year.

“Starting to study early and not cram it all the days of finals. Be in a quiet place while studying.” said junior JR Caprile, talking about what has best prepared him for finals.

Although finals are nothing to worry about if you take your time and study for them, there are also things that students mistakenly do to make them difficult. Being surrounded by distractions while studying is an easy way to fail a final.

“Distractions like my phone or the TV while studying is a good way to get nothing done. It’s best to find a quiet place to study without distractions.” said Mitchell. Finding a quiet place to study and concentrating on the material is one of the most efficient ways to study.

“Stay away from iPad games.” said sophomore Tyler Garcia, expressing that playing games while studying is the worst thing a student can do.  Although the iPad can be an extremely helpful tool when studying for finals, make sure that it is used right, because it can easily become a distraction very quickly.

Procrastination is a huge obstacle when studying for finals. The most important thing to do is remove any distractions and focus on  studying, meaning you should only have materials with you that are necessary for studying.

Make sure to put aside enough time to efficiently prepare for this final, and all finals. Being surrounded by distractions while studying is an easy way to not do well on a final.

Although finals can be very stressful, it is very easy to make taking them stress-less. Finals should be nothing to worry about as long as a student  pays attention in class, especially during repetitions, and make use of any review materials their teacher gives them.