Marauders defeat the Devils

Tuesday Oct. 28 at 8:26 p.m. saw the commencement of the water polo league championship game between the Jesuit High School Marauders and the Davis High School Blue Devils. Held at UC Davis’ Schaal Aquatic Center.

Senior Stetson Wheeler sprinted the opening sprint, winning the ball for Jesuit. A costly turnover gave the ball to Davis where they received an ejection and score off of the power play. Jesuit would get the ball back and answer Davis’ goal by scoring on their power play with Nick Giancanelli shooting the ball to tie up the game. Davis received the ball, but fail to do anything as the ball turns over to Jesuit. Jesuit receives a power play where senior Ed Smet would power the ball in for another Marauder goal. Davis answered by tying the game up, but senior Will Beckwith did not let the goal go unanswered as he reintroduced the ball to the goal again for Jesuit’s third goal. Davis scored again off a power play, tying the score at 3-3. Jesuit answers by scoring on two consecutive power plays by Nick and Ed respectively. The end of the first quarter saw a score of 5-3 with the Marauders in the lead.

Stetson started the second quarter off by winning the sprint, but the ball was turned over to Davis where they scored. Senior Will Peterson scored on a power play, and the Davis coach received a yellow card from the referees for conduct. Ed  scored again for Jesuit, but Davis will answer by scoring two consecutive goals. Jesuit got the ball back, draw an ejection, and scored on the power play with Will Beckwith. Davis again responded by scoring two consecutive goals to bring the score to a tie at 8-8. Nick would score bringing Jesuit into the lead, but Davis would score, ending the quarter tied 9-9

The second half started with high emotions in the pool as both teams started tied. Stetson would sprint again, but the Marauders failed to score and turned the ball over to Davis where the Blue Devils scored two goals again. Nick, unhappy with Davis being ahead, took matters into his own hands scoring two goals, sparking a change for Jesuit. Two Davis players would be ejected, which allowed sophomore Josh Orrick to score, followed by Will Beckwith on another power play. Davis would score again, but fail to gain a lead. The third quarter saw a score of 13-12 favoring Jesuit.

Will Peterson started the final quarter by winning the sprint and getting the ball to Nick to score. Davis  scored twice, on a 5-meter penalty and off a straight forward play. Jesuit answers with Will Peterson scoring off a power play and with Josh and Ed both scoring. Davis would try to come back into the game by scoring, but would fail to come back. The final score of the game read 17-15 on the board with the Jesuit Marauders coming out triumphant over the Davis Blue Devils.

The stands were bursting with cheers as the team swam warm down laps after their victory. This win has sealed Jesuit at the number one seed for Sac Joaquin Sections.