Jesuit Water Polo takes on the nation’s best

This weekend the Jesuit High School Varsity water polo team will make a trip down to Irvine California for the annual “S and R Tournament.” Our Marauders will play their first game on Friday Oct. 10 against San Clemente.

“We have been preparing all week for this first game of the tournament,” said senior Max Merchant, starting goalie for Jesuit Varsity water polo.

This first game is crucial to the fate of Jesuit during this tournament. A win will send them into the winners bracket, but a loss will send them spiraling down into the losers bracket. San Clemente will be a tough game, and Jesuit cannot afford to make any mistakes. Tournaments are often decided on the first game, and this tournament is no exception.

Another team that the Marauders may have a chance to face is one of their rivals, Davis High School. The team may or may not face Davis during this tournament, but the Marauders will definitely be watching them in anticipation for the set match on Tuesday, Oct. 28.  Bellarmine High School, another Jesuit High School located in San Jose, will also be in attendance at the  tournament.

“[I’m] Looking forward to it,” said senior Stetson Wheeler, “We have a great chance to play the best teams in the nation to take us seriously as a team. We’ll be representing Northern California.”

The team has been putting a lot of time and energy into preparing for this tournament. They will not only be representing Jesuit in this match, but showing Southern California that they have  to watch out for power-house teams coming out of Northern California. Only time will tell what outcome will grace the Marauders for the S and R tournament.