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Machiavelli and Me

February 20, 2018

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Machiavelli and Me Patrick Stodden, ‘19   No math. No reading. No homework. My three simple ingredients to an ideal summer. I’ve disdained reading since the sixth grade, when monotonous book reports became just another assignment. Novels ceased to captivate me and my love for textbooks waned as they got thicker, heavier, and more complex. I fell into a rut, spewing mud from tractionless tires in the form of mediocre analytical essays. Books that I once cherished ...


October 26, 2017

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Peter Grimmett '19 It’s 5:30 a.m., and I have been paddling for twenty minutes. My kayak is the only thing disturbing the placid lake’s surface, and no one else is awake. Forty minutes ago I awoke to the buzzing of my alarm and did not hesitate to leave the comfort behind and embrace the morning chill. Now my pants are half-soaked and my arms greatly fatigued, yet I push forward with greater force. I have reached my favorite spot and know that the fish are down the...

On Boredom

October 26, 2017

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Chazel Hakim '19 I like it when nothing is happening. I like it when I’m bored. I can’t dissect the word boredom like other words, though. I have to think of boredom as Boredom, a spiritual being like Mother Nature or Father Time. It’s only obvious that she’d have to be the Aunt. She visits you sporadically and without notice. She squeezes your cheeks playfully but you think it hurts. She gives you random gifts, often times odd ones. People give Boredom a bad...

Black Sand

September 19, 2017

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Austin Weideman, 18 On a recent vacation to Maui, my family resolved to drive to the lesser known east side to see the island’s “natural wonders.” I was reluctant. I wanted to stay at the comfortable resort in West Maui that my family rarely left. I wanted a snow cone and a decent picture to post online, but they gave me no choice. After three hours of driving the tortuous one-way road along the coast, I was finally able to see Wai’anapanapa, or “glistening water,” Stat...

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