Academics Plus Newspaper Class: These kids get “wordy”

Academics Plus Newspaper Class:  These kids get wordy

“Yeah I got some words” a phrase made famous lyrically can also be applied to this summer at Academics Plus session one.

This summer close to 125 Academics Plus session one  students participated in a summer Newspaper class. They all took on many roles within a newspaper class setting:  brainstorming,  pitching article ideas, interviewing for their article pitches, and writing a feature story on Jesuit life or current worldwide events that interested them. They learned clear, concise journalistic-style writing,  built their typing skills as they transcribed recorded interviews and increased their personal skills. The students learned responsibility and professional courtesy as they contacted their potential article subjects and watched their articles succeed and fail on their own effort and desire.

Each student, provided they were on task and cooperated with the curriculum, has completed an article which was then processed by the photographers and editors. The expectation was that students complete their feature story and most succeeded with that expectation.

It’s been a pleasure working with the campers and witnessing their joy of discovery, observing their growth, and certainly feeling their energy. Thanks to all who participated in newspaper this summer; your contributions are appreciated.


The A+ Newspaper Team (The Fun Zone)