Jesuit’s scouting populace


Yusuf Ford '19 and James Douglas '19

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the nation’s largest youth development organizations committed to providing programs that build character, leadership skills, and personal fitness. At Jesuit High School, Boy Scouts have had an instrumental impact on campus and continue to increase in population as awareness of the organization has grown.

The BSA’s core values of character and citizenship effortlessly coincide with Jesuit’s “Men For Others” policy. This has lead to numerous Jesuit Marauders displaying their character-building experiences inside the classroom and in their community.  

“Boy Scouts has allowed me to be more comfortable with who I am and the way that I behave,” said Christian Blair ‘18.

In addition to the set of values that BSA teaches, the lessons taught in merit badges and outdoorsmanship provide a solid foundation for a “Man for Others.”

Marauders have had a huge impact on their respected communities and their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Students such as Zachary Letcher ‘21 spent their grueling summer days working towards the coveted rank of Eagle Scout.

“There are many projects I have worked on in my year of scouting,” said Zachary. “Some of the bigger projects are: building a water drainage system, building a small bridge over a creek, creating a recycling box, and helping build a brick barbecue.”

Years of blood, sweat, and tears are imperative to advancing through the various ranks of First Class Scouts and Star Scouts. With only five percent of Boy Scouts sticking it out to become an Eagle, the program selects leaders who are passionate and hardworking.

Eagle Scouts are expected to be leaders in their communities because their work ethic and leadership set the bar for fellow Boy Scouts and peers.  

“Being an Eagle Scout has had an impact of teaching me how to lead people and how to serve other people who are less fortunate than me,” said Connor King ‘20.

With the increasing number of Boy Scouts at Jesuit, The Path to Eagle Club was founded in order to create a helpful resource for those seeking their Eagle Rank. Like minded Boy Scouts are encouraged to attend the club’s weekly meetings in order to meet fellow Jesuit scouts and earn rank advancement.

“The Path to Eagle Club benefits me in, bringing scouting into my school and bringing in everything I have learned,” said Zachary.

As students progress through their high school years here at Jesuit, leadership qualities become increasingly important in the academic setting and in our communities. The BSA help provide a fun, enriching, and bonding experience that is perfect for Marauders.