io games: a new trend [blog] is a game of legends — it’s better than any other io games. It’s an online exclusive game with real players. You start off with one cannon, a circle connected to a rectangle, and shoot circular round balls. Every 15 levels you can upgrade your  cannon. If you stay as a basic till level 30 you can become a smasher. At level 15 there are four different upgrades excluding smasher. The 4 different upgrade paths are twin, flank guard, sniper, and machine gun. Within the 4 main upgrade paths there are 3 different options are you choose one of the main paths these important, but still minor paths become available at level 30.  Within each minor upgrade path there is a direct upgrade at level 45.

Once you reach the last upgrade the goal is to be the best on the server. It’s very hard o  make it to the top of the leaderboard. Every time you die, you will spawn a few levels lower, though it is very easy to gain your levels back when you first start.It becomes harder to gain levels back at a higher level, but you have to worry about it less because you’re much better.

The objective is to upgrade your cannon and kill other cannons. When you kill someone’s cannon, you get xp and that is how you can get points to upgrade smaller attributes, for example max health and bullet damage.

There are other io games, too. Here are a few of them: This game can be very laggy at some times. When we were testing it, it would not load, which shows that it isn’t a very good game. The objective of this game is to kill other people’s blobs, but to do this, you must be larger than the other person’s blob. This game is very fun when played in AI mode, but when you play it in online mode, your snake is very laggy and it is very hard to stay alive. In this game you can change your snake pattern and the objective is to kill other snakes and take the orbs that they leave behind. To kill a snake, you must have their snake head hit your snake’s body. It is fun, when it’s not laggy, but it’s not very enjoyable when you are experiencing serious lag.

Battle this is a game where you spawn in as a boat and to level up you collect an xp crate and they spawn in randomly around the map. Then once you have upgraded you get better weapons. Then you can go around and destroy the enemy boats. It is a online game only and once you get destroyed all your progress is lost. This game is very fast and snappy. It is one of the best games as of right now. The objective is to kill peoples track and cover your color over the most amount of space. The server is very small with under 20 people, making it easy to get to the top of the leaderboard.