Discipline at Jesuit towards order


Ms. Harrison at her desk in the Dean’s Office.

One time, a Jesuit High School student got detention for dressing up like a gorilla and banging on one of the classroom doors. That is one of the unusual reason that a student got sent to the Dean’s office for detention. Ms. Mary Harrison works in the Dean’s Office at Jesuit High School. She is knowledgeable about the detention system at Jesuit, known as J.U.G.

“So really the most common reason guys get detention is being late to class, when they arrive at school in the morning,” Ms. Harrison said.

The time of detention varies depending on what the student did. If he is late, he just has to pick up trash, but if a student does something disruptive he has an hour after school. If he fails to do a good job on that, he has to do another hour after school.

The most drastic punishments are expulsion and suspension. Although those punishments are a pretty big deal and are only given out if the staff has tried to help a student and he has made the same mistake over and over.

Since Jesuit has a pretty strict dress code, people sometimes get in trouble for not following it. Students need to have a collared shirt and the right pants and shoes.

“On days when we have mass the have to wear a nice dress shirt, and a tie and a belt and nice pants and the right shoes,”  Ms. Harrison said.

Students get J.U.G.for many reasons at Jesuit. The J.U.G. system allows Jesuit to keep a good learning environment.