Go with the flow

If you look around campus, you can see a new take on hairstyles among the student body.

Throughout the years, the Jesuit High School Marauders have found preferences among numerous social trends. Along with the well known donning of Patagonia gear and bearing of Hydro Flasks and lunch coolers, a hairstyle which used to be difficult to see on campus is now slowly being found atop heads with greater regularity. This trend is known as the man bun.

The man bun is, simply speaking, a long hairstyle in which the hair is tied up in a single bun on the top of the head, showing off a man’s luxuriant hair. The man bun, however, symbolizes far more than just a hairstyle.

“The man bun separates the men from the boys,” said Carson Dorsey ‘18, a member of Jesuit’s Varsity Rugby team and one of the few students to utilize this new hairstyle craze.  

Carson acknowledged what most Marauders recognize without speaking, a mutual respect for the bold and glorious show of masculinity that characterizes the hairdo. According to some, the man bun also gives a very real advantage to their wearers.

“[My man bun has given] me wisdom, help, advice, and power so many times that I cannot just think of one,” said Jason Gallagher ‘18, a linebacker on Jesuit’s Varsity Football team. “I feel more powerful and confident in everyday life.”

Jason and Carson both agreed that a man bun improves athletic performance on the field because it allows them to unleash at will their luscious locks. As the Old Testament prophet Samson demonstrated, lengthy hair delivers a boost in physical ability.

“I feel like having the hair flowing out of the helmet is an intimidating factor, and I feel that it makes me … play better,” Jason said.

“The man bun strikes fear into the eyes of your opponents,” Carson said.

According to these man bunned Marauders, another positive aspect of the man  bun is its attractive nature. Along with its intriguing volume comes the confidence to approach the lady of one’s dreams.

Marauders, if you want to enjoy the perks of having a man bun, all you have to do is grow the flow. Soon after, a man bun you will surely show.