Fierce competition

Jesuit High School’s Mock Trial season began with a scrimmage against the Saint Francis High School Troubadours. Following the contest, the Mock Trial Team competed against other high schools.

Each school’s team has two separate sides: a prosecution and defense. As soon as the competition starts, the courtroom operates just as a real trial would. Each team presents their argument to the best of their abilities. Scores are determined by collective and individual performances for the team members.

“The idea is for students to get experience in understanding and learning about the law,” said team moderator Mr. Justin Campbell. “[The competition serves] to expose students to the legal system and process and to give them an opportunity to experience the way a courtroom works and operates.”

Jesuit has had many past iterations of a Mock Trial Team. Mr. Campbell recently reinstated the club after a few years of its absence, and he is eager to find students with an interest in the field of law.

“Our goal right now is to form a solid, unified team of guys who are sincerely interested in the law,” Mr. Campbell said. “We’re trying to get a strong foundation built for Jesuit Mock Trial so that we can become a truly competitive team within the community.”

In January, at the Sacramento County Courthouse, the team faced off against four other local teams and went 3-1, with their only loss being to Country Day High School who eventually took second place overall. Later, after making the playoffs, the Jesuit prosecution team sustained a loss to Natomas Pacific Charter High School in the quarterfinals, and ended up placing seventh overall.

Growing in size and skill, the Jesuit Mock Trial Team is beginning to establish itself as a fierce competitor in the courtroom as well as cementing the foundations of a new community within the school.