Leading in spirit

James Douglas '19, Staff Writer

Organizing morning prayer, retreats, and the Examen are just some of Devin Garber’s ‘17 responsibilities as Jesuit High School’s Religious Coordinator.

“The main responsibility of my position is to help facilitate the Ignatian spirit within the student body, as a student myself, and as an agent for change,”  Devin said.

Director of Campus Ministry Mr. Paul LeBoeuf has worked closely with Devin and has a high opinion of him.

“He is a really calming presence and a great communicator,” Mr. Leboeuf said.

Devin was inspired to step up to the role of Religious Coordinator because he wanted to contribute his own brand of leadership to Jesuit.

“All around the Jesuit campus we see this legacy, and we see these marks being made. It just leaves [a] desire to fill leadership positions and leave our own marks on Jesuit, and that’s how I saw myself being able to fullfill that in the Religious Coordinator position,” Devin said.

After graduation, Devin anticipates pursuing a double major in classical studies and literature, aspiring to obtain a master’s degree in philosophy. At the moment, however, he’s focused on his work at Jesuit.

“Beyond Jesuit, my hope is to live life as an occasion and to rise to it,” Devin said. “I am open to the future, but right now I am just living in the moment.”

Regardless of where he ends up, Devin has a bright future ahead of him.