Funding education: Jesuit’s 44th PACE auction

Jesuit’s annual Provide a Christian Education (PACE) Auction is one of the most important functions hosted by Jesuit High School due to the incredible $11.5 million that it has raised since its foundation on October 14, 1972.

“It is one of the biggest auctions in the area and a premiere annual event in our community,” says Mrs. Maureen Longyear, Vice President for Advancement.

The event auctions off lavish and modest items to its 500-600 patrons. Some of these items include vacation homes, trips to trending tourist destinations all around the world, professional sport games, and connoisseur dinners.

Volunteers work behind the scenes to make sure the gala is a success each year. Volunteers support the auction by hosting parties, securing donations, and performing various other tasks.

The proceeds from the auction help fund almost all aspects of Jesuit, including academic, athletic, and spiritual departments. The students of Jesuit feel the impact of this financial bounty.

“[The auction] enables us to continue to offer and excellent secondary education,”  Mrs. Longyear said.

Ultimately, the PACE auction and gala are an impactful and indispensable part of Jesuit, and it will hopefully continue to help provide for Jesuit students and make the school better.