Cooking for God


After an adolescence spent on a path of bad choices, Hotline Chef David Bowens found his true passion: cooking for God.  

“I came right out of high school making choices that weren’t cool. Then I found God, and started making good choices,” Chef David said.

After high school he started at his local Kentucky Fried Chicken as a dishwasher. Working this job meant he was transferred to different locations all of the time and at regular intervals.

Chef David continued working his way up the kitchen hierarchy, progressing through hard work and a change in attitude.  This lifestyle opened his eyes to where his life was heading and led him to search for a higher calling.  At the end of his search, he found God.

Chef David’s newfound devotion to God put him on a path that led him to where he is now. After 15 years in the cooking business, Chef David now holds the position of head chef here at Jesuit, which he says has been his favorite place to cook.

“We have the best team in town. Excellent chefs, excellent bosses, [and] everybody cooks from their heart and loves what they’re doing. That’s why the food [is] so good,” Chef David said.

He says that his team is made up of people who share his passion for cooking and faith which helps them serve wonderful meals.

Chef David uses his story in an attempt to convey what it means to be successful from any starting point. Even if you make bad choices, with the help of God, family, and friends you can rise to what you were meant to be.