Jesuit holds annual college fair

Jesuit High School will hold the annual Sacramento College Fair for Private and Parochial Schools in the Fr. Barry Gymnasium Thursday evening. There will be 120 schools in attendance including University of California Schools, California State Universities, community colleges, and many other colleges and universities from across the country.

“It allows our students at Jesuit to learn information about all types of colleges,” said Jesuit Counselor and one of the event’s planners Ms. Jennifer Rasmussen.

“The fair gives students the opportunity to meet the representative and have a face-to-face conversation rather than just browsing the college website,” Ms. Rasmussen said.

The fair is a great opportunity for students of all grade levels to learn more about colleges, even for freshmen. Seniors are strongly encouraged to attend.

“It is highly recommended seniors go to the fair and talk with the college representatives [that] they know they will begin applying to, along with talking to colleges they don’t know about. Many times, students will find a ‘gem’ of a college before they leave the night,” Ms. Rasmussen said.

Seniors aren’t the only ones that should attend the event.

“Freshman year it gives the students an opportunity to begin to see the amount of colleges that they can explore,” Ms. Rasmussen said.

She also mentioned that it is important for sophomores, junior, and seniors to use the fair to refine their search for the right colleges to apply to.

Representatives from each college in attendance will be answering questions and giving students the information they need to make decisions on what school would be best for them.

This is the second and final year Jesuit will host the event before it is passed on to Christian Brothers for the next two years.

College night starts at 6:30PM on Thursday Sept. 24th and goes  until 8:30PM, and it is open to all students from all of the private and parochial high schools in the area.