Marauder movie night

Jesuit High School’s first Movie Night is this Friday, September 18th, from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. The movie, Ghostbusters will be shown at the Jesuit pool

At the beginning of the school year, President of Executive Council Theo Christopulos ’16 and his fellow members decided it was time for a change. This year, along with the new Holy Bowl night rally, improved Galley Crew and cheers, and the new Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium,  movie night is just one of the numerous new additions to student life that the executive council is incorporating.

However, incorporating new ideas also comes with some hardships.

“The main hardship with planning this event is that we still don’t know if it will be a success or not. A movie night has never been done before, and because of this we don’t really know what to expect. But hopefully attendance will be similar…to the amazing night rally,” said Junior Secretary Billy Daly ’17.

The movie night was built on the idea of “doing more with less.”  The executive council wanted a simple, casual way for students to have fun.

“The movie night doesn’t really require a ton of resources besides a projector, and a screen. Because of this, I would say that it is a simple operation that could turn out to be so successful with very little preparation.” Billy said.

“If it becomes a tradition in the future, great. If not, I’m not so worried. I just hope this event will give the students of [Jesuit and Saint Francis High School] a chance to have fun,” Theo said.