Continuing a tradition

August 28, 2015 Jesuit schools nationwide begin every new year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Today, Jesuit High School takes our turn.

    This mass is a cherished tradition within the Society of Jesus. According to, the mass dates back to 1548, at the first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily. Ever since then, it has just been something Jesuit schools across the world perform at the beginning of their academic year.

     “It’s sort of an experience of prayer right at the beginning of a new academic year and a chance for the community to ask for the blessing of the Holy Spirit on the work that we do here at Jesuit.” said Ms. Annie Crew-Renzo, Jesuit’s Director of Liturgy.

    The Mass of the Holy Spirit is a time to reflect on what God has given us in our life. Seeking aid from the Holy Spirit can bring comfort and relaxation to those who need it.

    “Every Jesuit High school and University in the country does the Mass of the Holy Spirit. It kicks off the whole year with the whole idea of asking the spirit to be apart of everything we do.” said Mr. Paul LeBoeuf, Jesuit’s Director of Campus Ministry.

    The Mass of the Holy Spirit is a devout custom that has been apart of Jesuit schools for a long period of time. This mass opens up the year in a meaningful way that creates new hope, wisdom, and spirit.