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One student’s devotion to service

June 24, 2015

Christian Service is an integral part of a Jesuit education, and while some students may grumble at the thought of being required to volunteer in the community, others go beyond in their service towards others.

IMG_2680One such student is senior Nic Crumley, who has spent countless time and energy lending a helping hand to those that society has marginalized.

Nic has served with a variety of agencies and programs, but more recently he has volunteered in the Mercy San Juan Medical Center Emergency Room and was a camp counselor at Camp ReCreation.

“As a people, it is our duty to protect the most vulnerable members of society who often times cannot defend themselves,” Nic said.

Due to his dedication to service, Nic decided to double the amount of time required in order to complete his senior Christian Service requirement. Instead of spending only one week immersing himself in service during the summer before his senior year, Crumley spent two weeks working with the developmentally disabled at Camp ReCreation.

“I don’t think I appreciated how much I really loved camp until I left.  I mean, I liked it enough to stay a second week, but I discovered later just how much I had grown to truly love the campers. It was truly a pleasure to serve them,” Nic said.

Despite the many things that Nic has learned from the various places he has served, he has found that service “hasn’t changed me in a drastic way, it has just made me more aware of who I am.”

Jesuit students are well known for their dedication to service, and people like Nic help earn that reputation of being actively engaged in the community.

Nic’s record of community service is impeccable, and his dedication to service embodies the ideals inherent in Jesuit’s “Man for Others” mission.

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