Most life changing experience?

Most life changing experience?

My most life changing experience would have to be attending Anthony Robbins’ Global Youth Leadership Summit twice. People ask how you develop your leadership skills, and a camp like that is ideal for doing just that. You meet other great young leaders, and adults who are taking the world by storm. I was most inspired by the stories of other kids who have gone through so many hardships, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, and terrible accidents. The kids have all come through the other side stronger than ever, and that pushes me to be my best and to know that it is possible for me to make it through any hardship. The skills learned there have made me passionate about life and smarter in my decisions as a leader, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become smarter.

Do you think St. Francis and Jesuit should do more stuff together?

Well of course I think that the two schools should be more interactive with each other. It is just difficult to coordinate events with both schools since the calendars are jam packed. We do participate in a lot of events together, such as dances, sporting events, and charity events. For instance, the West Coast Walk for Life is occurring on Saturday, January 24th, and both Jesuit and St. Francis are going. Both schools also participate in the Arts programs together, as there is lots of crossover in things such as the musicals, bands and orchestra, and choir. If you have any ideas about crossover with St. Francis, feel free to let me know, so I can try to get it implemented for you!

Favorite music?

I love lots of different types of music! As many people know, my favorite artist is Taylor Swift! Her songs connect to every single emotion a person can have. I listen to her when I am sad to kinda sympathize with me, and when I am happy to get me pumped up! I also am a huge Drake fan in addition to J.Cole. Cole is the best lyricist in the rap game, and is an example that we all should look up to because he is a college graduate following his dreams and being successful. Drake owns the rap game right now though, period. He can sing and rap and both his slow songs and his club bangers are terrific. I will pretty much listen to a little bit of anything though, so if you have any music suggestions, hit me up!