What scares you the most?

1. What scares you the most?

I am probably scared the most by rejection. It’s not a good thing to be afraid of, but I am sure it has an impact on everyone’s lives. I am not particularly scared of failure, but getting turned away is not too fun. This fear has made the college process difficult for me, as I am always concerned when I write my essays and apply, wondering if I am good enough. But one of the most important things I have learned in life is to put yourself out there and see what happens. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and if I had let my fear control me, I wouldn’t be in some of the positions I am in today. Always remember to “risk it for the biscuit!” as they say

2. I’m a freshman and I’m wondering who does the most work on Executive Council?

One of the most important things about being Student Body President is being impartial. Everyone on Executive council has their own job, but we all work collectively together to accomplish our goals. For instance, Gunner, our Intramurals Commissioner, does a lot more work with intramurals than I do, but if he needs help running it, I will be there. We all work to publicize games and school events, and the truth is that we do the same amount of work on different things. I know you probably want me to call someone out but no-can-do

3. Starting 5 all time NBA?

Haha I like this one a lot, but I am not sure if you mean my top 5 overall players or 1 at each position, so I will answer both! For top 5 overall I’ll go

  1. Jordan
  2. Magic
  3. Lebron
  4. Kareem
  5. Wilt

With my 6th man as Oscar Robertson

If I was making a starting 5, I would go,

  1. Magic
  2. Robertson
  3. Jordan
  4. Lebron
  5. Wilt

Honorable mentions: Jerry West, Kobe, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Shaq, Tim Duncan, Dirk Novitzki, Moses Malone, Bill Russel

4. What is the point of this?

I love to give my perspective on just about anything, and am well known for giving good advice. So when The Plank editors approached me asking if I wanted to write a perspective column for them, I jumped at the chance. Lots of times people are scared to ask tough questions because they’re not anonymous so maybe they can ask some here that they wouldn’t ask me otherwise. It’s also just fun for me so keep asking questions.

5. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love Jesuit?

Hmm I would say 9! I couldn’t see myself at any other school in our area. When I was in 8th grade I wanted more than anything to be a Christian Brothers Falcon. But when I went to shadow there, I was pretty unimpressed. My mom forced me to shadow at Jesuit, and I couldn’t thank her enough since! Jesuit provides you with so many different opportunities whether it is academically, athletically, or socially. I have made a few friends here that I know I will have for the rest of my life, and as Mr. Fahey often says,  “[A Marauder] will be my best man at my wedding!” Academically I am constantly challenged which is necessary, and I have learned the value of hard work through athletics. My only complaint is the obvious one: no girls. But this is the life we chose and I am happy about it and grateful every day.