A senior celebration

On Dec. 1 and 2, Christmas Tree Lane will return to the Red Lion Hotel in Sacramento, Calif.

The extravaganza brings together vendors and clothing stores from throughout the area to celebrate all things Christmas.  Senior students from Jesuit High School and St. Francis High School will model clothing from top name retailers such as White House-Black Market, Sugar Shack, and Macy’s Downtown Plaza.

“Christmas Tree Lane is technically a school fashion show, but it is actually so much more.  It’s one of the last school events that a senior can participate in during high school, whether he or she goes to Jesuit or St. Francis.” said senior Camille Boudreaux of St. Francis.

“CTL is a fun way that seniors can get even more involved in the school,” agreed senior Gunner Aceves of Jesuit.

For two days, Red Lion Hotel will be transformed into a Jesuit-filled landscape of crafts, food, drink, and merry-making.  Patrons will have the opportunity to stroll throughout the hotel and purchase various merchandise and enjoy the Christmas environment.  At 8 p.m. both days of the event, the fashion show and dinner gala will commence.  Attendees will be entertained by carols and, of course, fashion.

“It’s a choreographed performance that shows off some of the area’s best winter fashion.” said Camille.

The students of the fashion show willingly volunteer their time.  Over the years, CTL has built a reputation as a fun event for students at either Catholic high school to take part in.

“I’ve wanted to do CTL since my brother participated in it seven years ago.  I couldn’t wait to sign up this year!  It’s going to be a lot of fun.” said St. Francis senior Katie Slachman.

Yet, just because the proceedings are a lot of fun doesn’t mean they aren’t a lot of work. Rehearsals for the performances occur on each night of the week and last for several hours.

“The cast and I are realizing how much hard work is needed for Christmas Tree Lane, but everyone is excited to perform.” said Gunner.

Gunner’s words sum up the situation of this year’s CTL cast: hard at work, but excited.  Be sure to visit the Red Lion Hotel at 500 Leisure Ln, Sacramento, CA 95815 for this year’s Christmas Tree Lane.  While tickets for the fashion show are sold out, local businesses open in the hotel will still be ready to sell their crafts to the crowd.