Jesuit’s Open House

On Sunday Oct. 19, Marauders hypothetical, old, and current met at Jesuit High School’s annual Open House to celebrate all things Jesuit and reconnect with friends.  Nearly every club, team, and department at Jesuit was present to exhibit their recent work in hopes of catching the eye of prospective students.

These future Marauders were given campus tours by volunteers from Jesuit’s student body.  The tours served to present the facilities to the prospective students and give them a brief picture of life at Jesuit.  Naturally, to get the “full experience,” these students will be signing up for Shadow Days starting Oct. 27.

“(The visitors) seemed pretty aware of what was going on and were quick to pick up on things.  The crowds seemed enthusiastic and were good listeners,” sophomore Reid Vail said

When families weren’t on a tour, they strolled through the Father Barry Gym and Senior Quad to interact with Jesuit students and seek out information about Jesuit’s many co-curricular activities.  Clubs such as Broadcast Club, La Raza, Latin Club, and Photography Club were all present in the gym.  In addition, each one of Jesuit’s teams was represented, from varsity football to the prolific robotics team.

“Students are like: ‘I wish I could have one of these,’” said sophomore Matthew Kiyama, regarding guests’ reactions to the submersible robot.

Reactions like this were desired, and were the primary goal of Jesuit’s open house: to give anybody curious about Jesuit a taste of its activities and programs.

The science department also received positive feedback in reaction to their demonstrations.  The biology program showcased the DNA of strawberries, and the physics program explained the science behind catapults and motion sensors.

“I think (the attendees) were intrigued.  They were excited that (the demonstrations) made science look fun,” said science teacher and track and field coach, Mr. Nick Lai.

The inspiration and enjoyment of all Open House attendees was evident all over the campus.  Open House remains primarily geared towards elementary and middle school students who are considering attending Jesuit.  These guests in particular seemed enthralled by the prestigious caliber of both academics and co-curricular activities at Jesuit.  This fact alone warrants this year’s Open House a success.