A faithful rivalry

Tuesday, Oct. 14 marks a water polo match between two rival teams 51 years in the making. Jesuit High School will take on Christian Brothers High School at Jesuit’s pool at 5:15 p.m.

The rivalry between Jesuit and Christian Brothers is a part of every Marauder’s life. Holy Bowl has come and gone, marked down as a victory for Jesuit football, but now it is the water polo team’s turn to come up victorious against Christian Brothers in this important match-up.

The Jesuit-Christian Brothers rivalry is, “one of the best rivalries I have been a part of as a player and as a coach,” said Coach Justin Hall, Student Activities Director.

Coach Hall’s words do not hit lightly, having played football for the University of Notre Dame and experiencing big rivalry games against teams such as the University of Southern California Trojans. The Jesuit-Christian Brothers rivalry is one that will be revered as a match-up of skill, strength, and faith.

Jesuit-Christian Brothers rivalry is a, “Good rivalry,” said Mr. Tim Warren, Dean of Students and Assistant Principal, “We are all united by the fact we are Catholic schools with similar values. We should show the city of Sacramento how to have a fierce rivalry and still maintain close, good ties.”

“I see that CB and Jesuit have a lot in common: Good education and community. I see more of the commonalities now between the two schools,” said Ms. Leah Heine, Visual and Performing Arts teacher and Christian Brothers alumnus. “I like that both schools have the spiritual dimension to them. It helps me as a coach that Jesuit has a reputation known by other teams.”

This reputation precedes Jesuit going into almost every sporting event. Although rivals, we share something that is larger than the rivalry could ever be: our faith. No matter the outcome, whether Jesuit wins or loses, we will all share the love of God that shines through all of us.